I went to Charmian after being in a car accident. I had whiplash and general tension. Charmian used both her skills as an acupuncturist as well as her massage therapy. It was really quite phenomenal. She skillfully unwinded many layers of stress and helped me feel at ease in my body again. Being in a car accident really sucks. But she helped me shake off the residue of it as quickly as possible. I’m so grateful to Charmian. She was very professional, caring, and knowledgable. If you want to feel better or improve your health, I would give Charmian a big thumbs up. She’s completely amazing.

—David R.

Charmian Traynor is a GREAT masseuse! I go to her twice a month and she effectively gets out many of the knots in my shoulders and neck. She understands the anatomy of the body so can quickly find the spots that need work. Her fingers are amazingly strong and she applies just the right amount of pressure! I don’t how she knows, but she does. You won’t be disappointed with her skills, as well as how nice and compassionate she is!

—Sheri G.

I really enjoyed seeing charmian for my massage/acupuncture. She was present, caring and attentive to my needs. I always felt relaxed in her presence, and I always enjoyed our conversations. I am super sensitive to needles, and she was gentle and always stayed within my comfort zone. And she has amazing hands! I felt genuinely cared for under her care. i moved back down to socal, and i really miss her!

—Brook R.

I’ve recently been battling a case of  “mouse arm”  tendonitis in my right arm.  I received an acupuncture treatment from Charmian to help relieve the pain.  The treatment immediately helped relieve tension throughout my forearm and hand.  She also recommended  stretches and salve to help heal the inflammation.

Charmian genuinely cares about her patient and I’d highly recommend her treatment to anyone.

I’ll definitely be back for follow-up treatments!

—Kevin T.

Charmian has been a Godsend for me.  Her shiatsu massage is deep which I really appreciate since it took me a long time to find before finding her.  She is always sensitive to any stress or strain in my body and lets me know what I can additionally do for those areas.  I have had neck, shoulder, knee issues…..all of which are always made more well by Charmian’s good work.  Her office is warm, inviting and peaceful as is her demeanor.  She is not talkative during the massage,…Thank You, Charmian!   I highly recommend Charmian because she is hardworking, consistent, dependable, caring, and experienced, and certainly has reasonable rates for extraordinary work.  I’ve put my body health in Charmian’s care for 2+ years now and will continue to do so.  Much gratitude to you, Charmian!

—Terry A.

I had my 1st massage session with Charmain yesterday & was super impressed. She is 100% present, pays attention to my breath so she knows how much pressure to give, & just generally gives an awesome massage.

I’ve been a massage therapist myself for 13 years, so I can be picky when I receive. Charmain exceeded my expectations, & was extremely thorough. I will definitely be going back for more massages!

By the way, her new location is perfect for bodywork. It’s quiet, nicely decorated, & has plenty of parking.

—Julie L.

This was my first experience with Five Element Acupucture. I did a series of treatments and was grateful for the introduction to this type of acupucture at that point in my life.  I was going through some emotional issues and also working on balancing hormones.  Five element acupucture takes all aspects of the clients health into consideration including emotions.  Charmian customized each treatment to not only keep me physically in balance, but also balance my spritual outlook during a difficult timel.  After my treatments, I felt much calmer and able to make decisions that best suited my life.

—Elizabeth L.

Charmian Traynor is an amazing Acupuncturist, as well as Massage therapist.  Charmian has been treating me since 2009.  The treatments have proven to be effective, I feel the difference right after I leave the treatment.  In massage she has many different techniques and uses a variety of wonderful essential oils.  Her office is very inviting with a wonderful energy.  I definitely would recommend her.  Thanks Charmian!

—Nicole L.

I recently got my first massage with Charmian which was a Shiatsu/Swedish after previously having several Acupuncture sessions with her. Charmian’s massage was very relaxing and therapeutic and she gave me several helpful hints on how to deal with various tensions in my body following the treatment. She took her time during the session and put a lot of care and sincerity into the massage and into the feedback she gave me. I felt really great and rejuvinated after the massage. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

—Maya R.

Charmian not only helped me with my long-term allergies, but also personal choices about wellness, diet and general awareness about improving myself and being a healthier person. I owe her the start down my path of personal healing.

—S. C. K.